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SDM Photography


An emergency room nurse by day (and often by night), Shauna began her search for a new  interesting hobby this past summer.  While doing so, Shauna found that photography provided a fabulous creative outlet and stress reliever that she so desperately needed. Since then, Shauna has fallen in love with this medium.  Photography has created new friendships and has taken Shauna to places she would otherwise never have explored.  She is enthusiastic and excited about what the future holds and wants you to join her on that journey!


Shauna is excited to share her work and her passion for capturing the world from her own unique perspective with viewers.  We hope you take the time to browse our gallery and consider giving the gift of a beautiful, timeless photograph from our collection.  

All photographs are original pieces of work, shot on a Canon Rebel EOS T6 with post production done in Lightroom. 

Holiday Lights